Upcoming: Impromptu Webinar with Co-CEOs

An Introduction to PCS Edventures:

ceos2In this exciting, impromptu webinar Co-CEOs Robert Grover and Todd Hackett will be discussing the history of PCS Edventures and where they hope to take the company. Grover and Hackett will talk about how the company began over 25 years ago by a local teacher with a dream and how it became a world-class provider of STEM education today. Focusing both on past and present events, this is an opportunity for new and existing investors to learn more about PCS Edventures and gain a unique understanding of our mission goals. Mr. Grover will be hosting this live event with Mr. Hackett joining him by phone. As a majority shareholder, it is a great opportunity for Co-CEO Todd Hackett to describe his view on the company and where it is headed in the very near future.