PCSV Op-Ed Article Published in US NEWS

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PCS Op-Ed Article Published in US NEWS

Dear Friends and Shareholders

We are pleased to share the recent Op-Ed article published by US NEWS entitled “Getting our Students STEM Ready”, which we submitted for publication on Oct. 14, 2013.

US NEWS continues to feature current news in the STEM community about how PCS and others in the STEM community are engaged in the work of preparing the inventors, scientists, engineers and skilled workforce of the future which will lead to global competitiveness.

PCS is pleased to be able to share the “good news” of our leadership, skills and tenure in providing curriculum, teacher training, and products in 7,000 sites across the US and the expansion of our STEM education at our PCS Edventures Lab.

PCS is bridging the gap in formal and non-formal learning, where students are able to learn real life skills, where failure is seen as a part of the natural process of innovation and where students may engage in hands-on learning which prepares them for 21st century careers.

You may read the entire article on line by clicking on the link to the article at US NEWS below:


Thank you for sharing this PCS story with your friends and associates as we expand our reach in telling the story of how PCS Edventures is expanding our 25 years of experience in providing exceptional opportunities for students to learn STEM skills. We believe an “investment in our youth” is an “investment in the future of this great country!”

By telling our PCS story to more people we will expand the opportunities in the STEM community to reach 10 million students.

Stay tuned for more good news.

Jolene Anderson
Investor Relations
PCS Edventures, Inc.