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Greetings from PCS Edventures! (PCSV)

Greetings from PCSV and a happy holiday season to you all. I’m writing to provide you a brief update on a few items this week, and will continue to follow up with more details this month to keep you informed of developments here. News this week:

  • Learning Centers and Experiential Retail
  • Krystal Wright – Finance and Accounting
  • Brett Newbold featured on MoneyTV this week!

PCS Learning Centers

Our PCS Learning Center initiative, launched this summer, is now well underway with classes, special holiday camps, and experiential retail all generating revenue. The Learning Center business model is formed around the premise of predictable, scalable revenue streams coming from tuition, retail product sales, institutional product sales, and online subscription sales. A model highlight I’ll focus on this week is “experiential retail” – creating experiences that drive a retail purchase in some fashion.

At our Learning Center, students use hands-on products like our PCS Robotic Micro-Controller, the Brain, and combine it with high-end German building manipulatives from our business partner, fischertechnik. The result is an introduction to a product and experience that is unique, and engaging to families. This holiday season, we launched our first trial retail program to see how our families responded to the opportunity to buy some of these materials for home use and the positive results we’re documenting we’ll build into the business plan metrics. I’d like to recommend to our friends and shareholders that you take a look at our retail kits and buy a few for your favorite children for Christmas. It will be a great introduction to hands-on engineering, problem solving, and robotics for them. The links to the kits are below – be sure to forward these on to your friends too!

PCS-U2 fischertechnik building kit. 48 awesome builds ranging from cranes to helicopters! Click on the link below for more details and to order.

PCS-Brain Upgrade (Requires the base U2 kit). Brainify and roboticize your builds using PCS robotics! Click on the link below to order.

If you haven’t visited the Learning Center website lately, take a minute to browse, read the testimonials, and check out the blog to see what kinds of things students are working on at the Center.

 Krystal Wright Managing Finance and Accounting 

Leann Gilberg, our CFO, has formally departed for her new position with the Idaho Humane Society. we had a great going away luncheon and she is continuing to stay in touch and make herself available for assistance through the transition. Krystal Wright, our long time accounting and human resource “go-to” person has stepped up and is handling our financial operations with great efficiency while we work on our transition plan. Krystal has committed seven years of remarkable service to PCS and we are very fortunate to have her ensuring continued financial stability, cost and spending controls, and solid strategic counseling for growing the company. Thank you Krystal!

 Brett Newbold Featured on MoneyTV!

Help us get the good news out! PCSV will be featured in another spotlight on MoneyTV this week!  Don Baillargeon will be interviewing Brett Newbold, PCS COO, on why he joined PCS and the opportunity he sees in the company. I’ll send out a reminder and a link on Friday when it goes live.

Thanks again for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for PCSV. We’ll keep working hard to continue delivering more good news on a regular basis.

Best wishes,

Robert Grover