PCSV Company Update

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Dear Friends and Shareholders,

I thought I’d take a minute to drop you a quick note of follow-up to our great press release yesterday and give you a few highlights on activities underway this quarter.

  • Awesome pre-audit revenue numbers for FY2013, $2.9MM up 26% from FY2012 at $2.3MM. Also, if you recall, our FY2012 was a 27% increase from FY2011. These are the kind of trends we are excited about at PCS, and the entire company is contributing 110% right now to keep this kind of good news coming.
  • PCS robotics continues to be an exciting focus for the company – in May we launch an online competition and challenge system for a large network of schools that we sold robotics labs to last summer. We’re excited to see the programs in action in the field and our educators are doing an awesome job supporting and guiding these new sites so they will be successful. We’re thrilled to see the growth in robotics sales and see it as an important focus for the company and for our shareholders. Check out some recent analysis on robotics in education from Investorials:
  • If you haven’t visited our website lately stop by and check out the incredible work that has been done over the past month through a joint effort of the entire company – sales, marketing, development, and administration. Everyone has contributed and is proud of the new look and presentation for our products. We’re being rewarded with increased traffic, more dialogue with our customers, and online sales. Check us out and spread the word!

I’ll try and be more active communicating – there is a lot of good news here and I need to take time to share it more often. As always, thanks for your continued support and interest in PCSV. It’s appreciated.


Robert Grover, CEO
PCS Edventures, Inc.