PCSV Press Release: PCS Edventures Announces Upcoming Webinar on 21st Century Learning

PCSV discusses student-driven learning and its impact on 21st century skills.

Boise, Idaho, June 11, 2015 — PCS Edventures, Inc. (PCSV), a leading provider of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, today announced its upcoming webinar addressing The Acquisition of 21st Century Skills. Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking are becoming increasingly imperative skills for students today, and PCS Edventures is at the forefront of this movement with its student-driven learning techniques. The use of student-driven learning in the classroom fosters intellectual empowerment and confidence, which is critical to the development of 21st Century Skills. In addition to the maturation of skills required for careers of the future, student-driven learning in the classroom inspires students to solve problems in ways they may never have considered before.

Industry research indicates that 21st Century Skills are sought after more and more by managers and executives due to the changing nature of business and the increasing global workforce. However, companies now believe that their employees lack the essential skills which are necessary for their business to compete in the global industry (Lang, 2010). These statistics indicate that now is the time to prepare the next generation of graduates for the evolving nature of career skills. Exemplifying the need for driven individuals, Jim Schmidt, Ed.D, explained, “the whole goal is to help kids become self-sufficient and educated so they can live in the world of work,” (Schmidt, 2015). In order to help students acquire these necessary skills, PCS Edventures is hosting a webinar to discuss the efficacy of various types of 21st Century Learning models.

In anticipation of the upcoming webinar on June 24th at 12pm EST, PCS Edventures CEO, Robert Grover, commented, “PCS programs are, by design, highly student-centered, meaning students drive the learning experience making choices based on interest, logic, and critical thinking. Preparing students for the future and enabling them with 21st century skills requires a student-centered approach to learning.” To learn more about how student-driven learning and curriculum engages students and fosters 21st century skills, follow the link to the webinar listed below.


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Schmidt, J. (2015, June 8). Learning 21st Century Skills [Telephone interview].

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