PCS Announces Ship Date of RiQ Computer Science Education Tool Celebrating

National Computer Science Education Week (PCSV)

PCS Edventures Inc. today announced that the official ship date of RiQ, an exciting, hands-on, robotic kit designed to promote computer science education at home, after-school, and STEAM education opportunities, is the week of December 14th, corresponding with the final day of National Computer Science Education Week.


December 8-14 is National Computer Science Education Week and around the United States organizations ranging from the federal government to local homeschool cooperatives will be promoting and facilitating events to draw attention to computer science education for K-12 students.  The objective of CSEdWeek is to inspire K12 to take an interest in computer science to better prepare future generations for life in the technology-rich 21st century.  Technological literacy skills and an understanding of the core technologies that drive  global systems is critical for students who will be faced with job and career choices that are changing and evolving as rapidly as the technology embedded in our daily lives. PCS Edventures fits with these ideals perfectly, offering modern robotics curriculum for students aspiring to learn technology.


RiQ:Robotics Intelligence Quotient is an engaging robotic kit that includes everything students need to construct and program robots that interact with their environment through light, sound, and touch with limitless capabilities for expansion.  An ideal platform for all ages, RiQ can be programmed and controlled from Android or iPad tablets as well as computers.  Designed to be flexible, users can learn the basics of programming with the kit, then get creative to design robots of all kinds. Most robot kits include one build, and ignore the hurdle of learning to program the components. From 6 years old to 60, this robot kit engages learners and gamifies programming, empowering whoever wants to learn and includes several builds with sensors that honestly makes robotics accessible to nearly anyone.