PCS Announces our Saudi Team

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PCS Announces our Saudi Team Members

PCS has been working diligently to fulfill our contract with T4EDU, a company that admininstrates contracting and projects for the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. The PCS K12 STEM outreach program, which includes PCS robotics and customized solutions in the areas of health, engineering, phyics and chemistry, is part of the King Abdullah Education Initiative, a sweeping USD$2.4B program intended to transform the education landscape of the Kingdom to prepare students for the 21st century knowledge economy.

We would like to introduce two of our new team members working on the Saudi project and acknowledge their diligent efforts and the excellent job they are doing.

Dennis Dillon has a long and varied career as a corporate training professional. Dennis began his career teaching Microsoft Desktop Applications at New Horizon’s Computer Learning Centers, a leading global technology training company. Dennis went on to become the lead Excel instructor at Micron responsible for developing and delivering specialized curriculum to Micron’s domestic and international employees. Other roles at Micron included Corporate Applications team leader and sales operations reporting analyst. In the Corporate applications lead role, Dennis rolled out a “train the trainer” program to deploy an SAP Payroll/HR module to 800 Micron personnel in Japan.n addition to his extensive technical experience in training, Dennis is a certificated educator Dennis has also designed and deployed software/business process training in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Italy. Holding a B.S. in History/Secondary education with an emphasis on Russian history/Language from the University of Idaho and Boise State University. Dennis has a curious cultural mind and and a well-stamped passport making him well-equipped to bring PCS to Saudi Arabia.

Mike Miraglio is the PCS Edventures project manager responsible for oversight and execution of PCS projects in the Middle East including the Saudi Science Center initiative. The objective of the Saudi science center initiative is to provide the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with PCS developed Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum and learning projects to accomplish strategic pre-marketing activities deployed through a kingdom-wide mobile outreach program. The mobile outreach program is intended to be deployed in a relatively short period of time while the more extensive network of science centers is under development.

Mr. Miraglio brings a strong project management and problem solving background to PCS, well rounded in entrepeneurship, engineering and education. Mike is an entrepeneur at heart, co-founder and CEO of Craysay, LLC, a local technology startup, developing a mobile platform that leverages technology-based solutions to amplify brands and enhance customer engagement. Mr. Miraglio also has a strong technical background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, working as a Environmental Engineer for an Idaho based consulting firm over the past four years. Mr. Miraglio also has international experience, working, traveling and studying abroad. Mike Miraglio is also an adjunct math professor at the College of Western Idaho, joining CWI in August of 2013.

Mike has lived and worked in various parts of Washington, Northern Idaho and Nevada and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Washington State University. Mike enjoys spending his free time being outdoors and engaging people. He has held a wide variety of jobs in his life including working in the fields of forestry, ecology, water resources and environmental engineering. Although his roots lie in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, Mike has lived in Boise for 3 years and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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