PCS Announces New Website for Edventures Lab

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PCS Announces New Website for Edventures Lab

Dear Friends and Shareholders

Our PCS Edventures Lab program is growing due to demand from our students who love the exciting new “hands-on” learning courses added to our curriculum. Our staff is working diligently to build processes and infrastructure. Our intention and dream is to scale these labs all over the country. Our amazing K12 students are the innovators, scientists, engineers, programmers and doctors of the future.

PCS is excited to announce the launch of our new lab website; www.edventureslab.com.

We will be adding your name to the list for the Edventures Lab so you may receive weekly updates on the latest news from our Edventures Lab.

PCS Edventures Retail Kits Available for Holiday Gift Giving

Demand from our students and their families for retail kits has created a new line of retail robotics kits for holiday gift giving. For a complete line of our retail kits for that special student in the family or that special grandchild please visit: www.edventureslab.com.

Looking to Send a Special Student to a STEM Learning Camp?

Our Edventures Lab is excited to announce our BrickLab STEM Camp! Kindegarten though third grade students will explore concepts in elementary physics, measurement, architecture, and technological advancements while incorporating the engineering design cycle and language arts through hands-on activities using building bricks. This is a perfect gift for that special student. This 2 day camp runs from January 2-3, 2014 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The cost is $99.00. What better gift to give at the holidays than the gift of knowledge? This gift may be purchased at www.edventureslab.com.

We celebrate the opportunities to provide outstanding and engaging opportuniities to give K12 students the tools they need to create 21st century skills.

Stay tuned!

Jolene Anderson
Investor Relations
PCS Edventures, Inc.