Happy Holidays and Retail Launch

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Happy Holidays from PCSV

RiQ Retail Robotics Kit for Christmas!

Dear Friends and Shareholders,

Greetings from PCS Edventures and Happy Holidays to all of you.  I am very pleased to announce the official launch of our first major EdventuresLab retail product – RiQ, a robot kit for kids and parents to build and learn with at home.   This new robotics system is a major accomplishment for the company and represents nearly a year of R&D, market research, testing, and curriculum development that we are now taking to the market.  Our education sales team is meeting with a lot of enthusiasm for the product line, and our EdventuresLab team is excited about the reception we’re getting from families.
Click here to learn more and to purchase RiQ for the holidays!

More About RiQ

RiQ is a user-friendly, simple to build, and fun to program robot with advanced sensors that enables it to interact with the physical world with outstanding precision. Our easy-to-use programming software, the PCS Cortex™, provides a powerful platform suitable for both the novice and experienced programmer to make RiQ run away from the light, draw like a pro, follow lines on the ground, navigate through mazes and so much more. Expand your programming horizons with RiQ by your side!

All of these features included in the RiQ package create one awesome state-of-the-art robot – an excellent addition to any home! As users work with RiQ they become familiarized with the basics of robotics and computer programming, and even get a glimpse of Arduino coding in the Cortex™.  Whether you are shopping for yourself, a budding programmer, or a computer lover RiQ and its accompanying programming environment the Cortex™ creates the perfect gift.


Features & Technical Highlights of RiQ The Robot!

  • Programmable using tablets, desktops, and laptops (iOS, OSX, Win, Android).
  • Compatible with all major building systems including LEGO® , fischertechnik® , VEX®, K’NEX®, Minds-i®, and others. Using special adapters you can even bolt it on to your R/C car.
  • Unique integration with your tablet-based sensors enables you to receive data from your tablet accelerometer, GPS, Compass, Microphone, and other embedded sensors.  No other programming environment in the world has these remarkable capabilities.
  • The gamified and simple to use Cortex programming software is a great way to begin programming, and includes built-in features to teach the Arduino language as users advance.
  • The PCS Brain is a custom designed Arduino compatible microcontroller that has powerful built-in hardware to run DC motors, servos, sensors, and more.
  • RiQ comes with LEDs, DC motors, rechargeable LiPo battery as well as light, IR, touch, and ultrasonic sensors to interact with the environment.
  • Bluetooth dongle included for wireless control and programming.

Click here to learn more and to purchase RiQ for the holidays!

Thanks to all of our friends and shareholders for your support over this past year.  We are looking forward to an awesome conclusion to this calendar year and wish you all the best over the holiday season.

Best wishes,

Robert Grover
PCS Edventures, Inc.