Halogenlife.com interviews PCS’ Richard Mussler-Wright

The following is an excerpt of the article After School Programs: Play, Pay or Pray? Part II The Players By Robert Haynes-Peterson, Thursday Sep. 03, 2009 for halogenlife.com.

The original kindergarten was just directed play,” says Richard Mussler-Wright of PCS Edventures, a company that provides learning modules in science and technology for schools and after-school programs. “There are parents who buy into that model which, philosophically comes from MIT mathematician Seymour Papert: That engaged children in the right environment will push themselves to learn. On the other hand, without guidance and some structure, a program can rapidly denigrate into chaos and disuse.” Programs like PCS Edventures and various school robotics programs manage bridge the the worlds of play and learning. PCS employs robotics, BrickLab construction bricks, K’Nex and fischertechnik building sets to encourage girls and boys to explore physics, engineering and technology.

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