EdLab Group Visit to PCS Builds Excitement

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PCS Conference Call Log-in Instructions for Shareholder Webinar Jan. 30th

PCS Edventures, Inc. will be holding a Board meeting on January 30th from 12 – 2 pm MST.

We have scheduled a “webinar” to be held on Thursday, Jan. 30th, immediately following our Board meeting, from 2:00-3:00 pm MST for our shareholders. Log in instructions are listed below:

Step 1: Getting Connected Online

Important: Please log on before calling into the teleconference.

At the time of the presentation click the following link or copy and paste it into your browser:

A window should open; make sure to choose the option “Enter as a Guest”, and type your FIRST NAME and INITIALS of LAST NAME into the box and click “Enter Room”.

Step 2: Getting connected to the audio

Once the room has opened, a window will pop up asking you to join the audio.

You have the option of joining via telephone or joining via your computer.
Please note that if you choose to join via your computer, you will only be able to interact with the presenter vocally if you have a microphone hooked up to your computer.

Option 1: Using a telephone
If you are using a phone that has an extension click “Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone”, then click “Cancel” and call in to the teleconference.

Please turn your computer speakers off or mute them before you call in or we will receive feedback.

Phone: 1-866-218-3342
Participant Code: 994433

If you are using a phone that does not have an extension, click “Dial-out (Receive a call from the meeting)”, enter your phone number and click “Join,” and you should be called within a few seconds.

If your phone does not ring, call the number above.

Please note that although you will not be charged for the phone call, you still need to be able to make long distance calls from your phone line.

Robert Grover, CEO will be providing updates to our shareholders on the new strategic partnerships in place and updates on the progress of the Saudi projects. Further details will be forthcoming from our Director of Sales and Marketing, Michael Brown, regarding our domestic sales initiatives. Jolene Anderson will be providing updates on our collaboration with non profits and scaling the community model of the Edventures Lab, upcoming media support of key trade shows in the US STEM market.

We hope each and everyone of our shareholders can participate in the webinar to be held at 2:00 pm MST on Jan. 30th

PCS Edventures Lab New Website Mentioned in Robot Magazine

PCS wishes to acknowledge and thank the publishers of Robot Magazine for their inclusion of PCS in the latest issue, March/April 2014 An announcement was made for the launch of the new Edventures Lab website.

EdLab Group Visit to PCS Generates Excitement

We had a very productive and exciting day at PCS on Jan. 16th with the visit from Karen Peterson, CEO, of the EdLab Group. The tour began with an introduction of the Edventures Lab. Robert Grover introduced our “community model” licensing the Edventures Lab to afterschool programs, science centers and other informal settings. We were able to visit a 2nd grade classroom at Discovery Elementary and observe the students learning 21st century skills in collaboration, communication, problem solving and math skills using our BrickLab.

PCS and the EdLab Group strategized on how the two organizations may work together in providing funding for school districts to enable integrating BrickLab into K-4 curriculum. Further discussion followed regarding an invitation for the members of their National Girls Collaborative to participate in a webinar in February 2014 to learn more about ways to integrate the BrickLab, Girls Can Build program and other PCS curriculum as an enhancement to providing students engaging “hands-on” learning opportunties and support teachers in integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in their classrooms.

We will keep you apprised of the ongoing successful collaboration between PCS and EdLab Group in the next few weeks as details emerge on how the collaboration will reach out to teachers and afterschool programs.

Heidi Grover, Executive Director for the PCS Edventures Lab and Nicole Hirai, the Director of Education discussed the details on installing a “Community Model” of the Edventures Lab, which the EdLab Group could license to afterschool programs and other informal learning centers. We were able to provide an opportunity for their CEO to observe the Edventures Lab students actively engaged in “hands-on” learning in robotics, programming, engineering and other activities, during the site visit.

PCS and the EdLab Group are excited about the opportunity to collaborate and find ways to reach more students across the US and provide more students with 21st century learning skills and the opportunity to scale the Edventures Lab program to different locations.

Update on Jolene’s visit to Seattle and presentations for PCS

Jolene Anderson was invited to do a presentation to the guests and members of the Rainier Club, (http://www.rainierclub.com), this past Tuesday evening, Jan. 21st during their “hospitality mixer.” She presented an overview of the history of PCS, our teacher training, products and curriculum and statistics regarding why we need to provide more students opportunities to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The audience was actively engaged in questions and answers in learning more about PCS, the Edventures Lab and how to integrate STEM in classrooms and afterschool programs. We received support from a key person at the Pacific Science Center, who provided kudos on the “great work” PCS is doing to provide opportunities for students to engage in “hands-on” learning and “inspire them to see themselvers as engineers, inventors and problem solvers”. An invitation from select members to present to their Rotary Clubs on STEM education and PCS was issued to Jolene.

Jolene’s two day visit included a visit with Patrick D’Amelio, CEO for Washington STEM, who provided an overview of what is happening in STEM education in Washington State, visits with school districts as well as potential strategic partners in the private sector.

Stay tuned!

Jolene Anderson
Investor.Media Relations
PCS Edventures, Inc.