Executive Management

Todd Hackett, CEO

Todd Hackett is the owner of a successful construction company in Iowa who first became aware of PCS as an investment opportunity in 2007. Over the past five years his involvement with PCS has grown from a casual investor to a strong advocate for bringing educational opportunities to both children and young adults to strengthen their knowledge in math and science. Mr. Hackett brings a strong business background to PCS, well founded in the fundamental principles of building a successful company. He has demonstrated his abilities in the building of his own company from a startup in 1981 to a major construction firm now handling multimillion dollar projects. Many of his projects involve educational institutions such as community colleges, middle schools, libraries, and applied technology labs.

Mr. Hackett is actively involved in his community, is passionate about the potential of PCSV, and is actively engaged in helping to create a company that will have deep shareholder value as well as improve STEM education around the world. He and his wife, Tricia, have been together for 26 years and have three children.

Mike Bledsoe, Vice President and Treasurer

Michael Bledsoe joined PCS Edventures in July of 2016. As Vice President, Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors, he brings over 20 years of financial experience, executive leadership and strategic management to his position. Mike received a BBA in Quantitative Management with an emphasis in Finance, from Boise State University in 1989 and was honored as the top graduate in his major. In 1993, he earned his MBA from Boise State University.

Prior to joining PCS Edventures, Mike spent his career in the investment management field, most recently at D.A. Davidson, where he was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager for 18 years. He earned the CFA Charterholder designation in 1994, and was an adjunct faculty member at Boise State University, where he taught classes in Personal Investing, fostering his passion for education and the sculpting of tomorrow’s best thinkers. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen, and their two children.

Robert Grover, Executive Vice President

Mr. Grover has spent the last two decades with PCS designing, developing, and creating PCS learning programs and services intended to facilitate student-centered, experiential learning. Mr. Grover has worked closely with a variety of organizations to design, implement, and study successful, hands-on STEM programs including the United States Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA, the US Army, the US Air Force, NASA, Boise State University, Idaho State University, SECME, and many others. Mr. Grover has traveled extensively throughout the world promoting PCS programs and developing International relationships for the Company. He was appointed to the Idaho District Export Council by the US Secretary of Commerce in January of 2012.

A Merit Scholar, Mr. Grover attended Michigan State University for course work in Astrophysics, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Religious Studies; he attended the University of Idaho for additional coursework in History, Religious Studies, and Philosophy; and graduated with a B.A. in English, Creative Writing and an A.A.S in Management from Boise State University in 1988.

Michelle Fisher, Director of Curriculum Development

Joining PCS in early 2015, Michelle and her unique skill set have thrived as Director of Curriculum Development, where she is responsible for curriculum evolution, product development coordination and professional lead acquisition. Earning her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cornell University in 2011 and Master of Arts in Teaching from Willamette University in 2013, she started her career teaching high school biology and chemistry in Salem, Oregon. Later moving to middle school math and science in Umatilla, Oregon, she brings a long list of achievements and experience to her position.

From coaching middle school robotics teams and working as program resource staff at summer camps where she ran programs in compost education, team-building, tide pool hikes and donkey care, to tutoring elementary through adult math students at the Sylvan Learning Center, undergraduate chemistry students at Cornell Learning Strategies Center and Spanish-speaking farmworkers through Cornell Friends of Farmworkers, Michelle’s vast educational adventures solidify her as an expert in education, STEM and as an integral part of the PCS Edventures team.

Alexandra Monjar, Director of Sales

Alexandra began working for PCS Edventures in 2015 as the Sales Coordinator, and she now manages and handles the Sales Team. Earning a degree in Arts Administration from Salt Lake City’s Westminster College, Alexandra ventured into the world of learning and teaching through the Utah Museum of Fine Arts’s Education Department, learning the incredible value of intrinsic motivation when it comes to learning.

While her background is in the Arts and Arts Education, she has always had a fascination with STEM. From creating elaborate LEGO houses with her sisters to participating in the Science Olympiad, Alexandra’s STEM passions have taken her from programming games in her graphing calculator during high school calculus to her newfound dabblings in web development. With a deep understanding of just where the thirst for new information can take you, Alexandra devotes herself to building better brains, working daily to bring quality STEM curriculum and manipulatives to students all over the world.