Shareholder Update | PCS Sales Force Expansion

Dear Friends and Shareholders,

In our continuing effort to build our sales presence and reach, PCS Edventures attended the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) show in Atlanta, Georgia from Saturday, June 28, through Tuesday July 1st. The ISTE annual conference is one of the largest educational technology conferences in the United States with over 500 exhibitors and over 10,0000 participants. Michael Brown, PCS Director of Sales and Marketing, worked our booth with Jim Hagadorn, President of Priority Education Solutions, a reseller partner of PCS, and Stephanie Pearson, our dedicated PCS representative in Atlanta. Robert Grover, PCS CEO, also attended on July 1st participating in meetings and visiting with potential partners. 

The results of the conference were strong, positive responses from customers to our new products in engineering and robotics and our rich existing product lines addressing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education for PreK-12. Michael Brown anticipates several weeks of follow up will be required of the sales team to respond to the leads generated from the show, the majority of which are looking for elementary-middle school solutions for engineering and robotics – the PCS STEM sweet spot. 

Also at the ISTE conference, PCS expanded its reseller agreement with Priority Education Solutions, providing performance based equity incentives that will result in the addition of new sales representatives covering Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Alabama beginning immediately. July marks an important time in the school sales cycle as new budgets have dropped and sales efforts ramp quickly as August approaches. 

PCS also welcomes Robin Baker and Rich Sooy, new Florida based sales representatives working under Priority Education. Robin, a 15 year veteran of selling into the educational technology market space, is excited to be on board with PCS products and is dedicated to the Miami-Dade school district exclusively following up on partnership opportunities with the hundreds of schools and thousands of students in the nation’s 4th largest school district. Rich Sooy will be working the phones for Priority Education developing relationships with customers and setting appointments for local representatives who will be presenting PCS programs in person.

Next week, look for an update from Robert Grover, PCS CEO, discussing the release of our 10K and financials for FY2014, and the growth and opportunities he sees for PCS in FY2015.

All the best and Happy 4th of July,