PCSV Shareholder Update

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 Dear Friends and Shareholders,

As we count down the days to our annual shareholder’s meeting next week, I will continue to post brief updates on happenings with PCSV this past year.   There has been great progress on a number of fronts and we are all excited about the direction things are going.  

Today, I’d like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to the new corporate counsel at PCSV.  We had the very good fortune to meet up with a pair of lawyers who have formed a firm, New Frontiers, that approaches corporate law differently.  We have essentially retained them as “in-house” counsel, which means that we have a flat, monthly rate that alllows us to control our costs while addressing the many issues of compliance and reporting required of a public company.   We initiated this relationship in July of this year and have found them to be of tremendous value with extensive background in SEC, International business, EB5, engineering and intellectual property issues, and contract law.      Please take a moment to visit our Investor Relations website and review their resume and expertise.  

This is one example of how PCSV is working hard to stretch the value of every penny in the company to improve shareholder value.  By working on our legal projects for a flat rate basis, we now have the freedom to tackle many issues that might have been put on a lower priority due to the costs associated with typical legal firms.  This approach allows us to control costs and build a better company for all of us.

Please look forward to some additional updates in the coming days as we approach September 28th.  Thanks for your interest and your continued support of PCSV.