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Greetings from PCS headquarters

Dear friends and shareholders

PCS Edventures is pleased to be selected as an official Program Champion for the Spirit of Innovation Challenge

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge is an open platform, free and available to students from all socioeconomic levels around the world. Student teams are asked to develop an innovative, commercially-viable product or solution in a variety of challenge categories to benefit humanity. Students conduct research to determine their product’s potential market impact and develop a business plan.  The student teams are introduced to new and potentially unconsidered career paths by pairing them with world-class scientists, engineers, academics and business leaders who mentor them and help bring their ideas to reality. These mentors also serve as guides to college course recommendations, internships and career opportunities.

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge will officially launch their 7th annual challenge to student teams in the US and in 44 countries, to be launched in Houston, TX on August 15, 2013. A panel of experts selects finalist teams to attend and present their technologies on April 5-8, 2014 at the Annual Innovation Summit, hosted by NASA. Selected teams will also have the opportunity to dialogue with global leaders in science, business, finance, intellectual property and industry. Each year, student teams are also invited to join the Brain Trust alumni program where the Conrad Foundation helps them acquire the patents and funding needed to bring their creations to the open market.

The Conrad Foundation was established in 2008 in honor of the legacy of Apollo 12 astronaut, Charles “Pete” Conrad, and his four decade passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. His legacy continues through the Conrad Foundation, which is the only organization of its kind to combine science and technology-based education, innovation and entrepeneurship to inspire solutions for achieving global sustainability. Founder and Chairman, Nancy Conrad, is dedicated to enriching how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are taught to students from across all socioeconomic levels and around the globe. She encourages students to “Get Your Genius On”. http://www.conradawards.org

PCS is excited to be a Champion Partner and to show our support for this year’s Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

Stay tuned for more news from PCS on how we are inspiring the future engineers, inventors and scientists of the future.

Jolene Anderson
Investor Relations
PCS Edventures, Inc.