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Good news for our Friends and Shareholders

Greetings from PCSV!  Earlier this year, we announced our pre-audit numbers for FY2013. We are pleased to announce the official release of our 10K report confirming the good news last week.
Last year was a year of remarkable change, growth and opportunity for PCSV as we delivered over $1MM in PCS robotics programs to sites across the country, launched a local Learning Center pilot here in Boise, successfully executed STEM consulting work in the Middle East, and supported our Creya Learning partners in India as they have continued to refine our STEM solutions for the Indian market. We also were fortunate enough to partner with a wonderful South African company, passionate about education, who has deployed a trial PCS STEM program on the campus of the University of Johannesburg.
For our shareholders, please know that our investment of time and resources in overseas markets is a decision reviewed each quarter.  Although it is challenging, we think it has long term benefits for us all and can establish PCS as a global leader in STEM education.
On the corporate governance front, we had the pleasure of welcoming Todd Hackett and Murali Ranganathan to our Board of Directors this year, both of whom are bringing a wealth of business experience and support.  We are now actively seeking new Directors to join us in FY2014.
Highlights of the PCSV 10K report released last Monday
PCS Edventures, Inc. announced FY2013 revenues of $2,934,598 for the fiscal year ended March 31,  2013, which represents an increase of 26% year over year for the same time period in FY2012.  The chart below illustrates the revenue history.
Year over Year improvements in revenues and decreased operating costs combined with new potential partnerships – positive indicators for PCSV.
This marks two consecutive years of improvement, and these are incredibly positive changes.  We’re working hard to have another year of positive trends and good news.
As we countdown to our Annual Shareholders meeting to be held on Friday, September 13th , I hope you will join me as as we review our past progress and celebrate our future. Over the next 60 days, I will be providing you with regular updates on our progress at PCSV on a variety of fronts and news from our headquarters as we march forward and count down to success.
I look forward to meeting you at our Shareholder’s meeting on Sept. 13th.
Jolene Anderson
Investor Relations
PCS Edventures, Inc.