PCSV Company Update – Learning Centers

Announcing New PCS Boise Learning Center Location

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The latest PCSV news from Jolene Anderson, PCSV Investor and Media Relations

PCS has moved their Learning Lab from Sage International School to their new Boise location located at 345 Bobwhite Court, Suite 100 Boise, ID 83706. New sessions begin the week of June 3rd. This move officially signifies the end of our pilot phase and the beginning of a formal program launch for the downtown and East Boise area. The new lab will function as an R&D program attached to the PCS development offices for easy access by PCSV educators and developers. In addition, it serves as a business incubator to refine and improve Learning Center programs, marketing initiatives, and processes required for scaling the Learning Center business model.

Announcing our new Galileo STEM Academy Robotics Camps.

PCS is pleased to offer PCS Robotics Camps at Galileo STEM Academy  located at 4735 West Saguaro Drive in Eagle, Idaho. Through a unique public-private partnership between PCS and the Meridian School District PCS will be offering hands-on robotics labs on the Galileo campus during the month of June. Camp schedules are posted on the PCS Learning Center website – CLICK FOR DETAILS.

PCS Robotics and STEM Education Solutions serve students from KG to the 12th grade and directly correlate to performance boosts in test scores, direct correlation to important standards, stronger problem solving capabilities, and higher levels of self-esteem in students.

Scholarship Initiative

In addition to our recent Learning Center expansions, PCS has launched a scholarship initiative campaign to enable more students to attend the Learning Center programs and gain the skills provided by STEM learning. PCS is actively engaged in discussions with civic and charitable organizations to secure scholarships which will enable more students to attend our Learning Centers.  This will not only further our efforts to scale our program into multiple markets, it will help deserving students, and help our nation build a STEM pipeline of students who will help build and innovate for the future.

Every child has extraordinary potential that can be unlocked through the right learning environment. PCS is desirous of building a bridge between formal and informal learning environments and has the capacity to be the leader in providing STEM learning for K-12 students.