PCS Ships STEM Products

Hands On STEM Products Ship!

Bob Floyd, PCS Warehouse Manager

Bob Floyd, aka "Shipman"

A lot of people ask us “Why is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education so hot right now? One part of the answer is that the United States needs more STEM literate and STEM qualified workers.  We don’t have enough students focusing on these topics and PCS STEM products are designed to cultivate engagement, excitement, and awareness of STEM careers and opportunities.  That’s why it’s great news this week, for both PCS and for the United States,  that Bob Floyd, our warehouse manager, loaded an  outgoing truck that was literally bursting with educational goodness from the minds of our PCS STEM curriculum development team.  These summer camp packages are headed for a client who will use them in exciting hands on STEM programs this summer.

STEM education solutions are also important because…

they have the ability to naturally engage students.  There is a certain magic to science and engineering as students learn how our physical world works.   PCS develops a lot of unique hands-on curriculum – it’s one of our core competencies. Our developers are proud of their creativity and come up with some pretty remarkable ways to teach STEM topics. Imagine, for example, the “Physics of the Ninja” camp where students learn about physics, inertia, rotational momentum, mass, force, direction as well as a full historical review of the Japanese period of the Ninja including technologies used at that time. Not your typical science class, this is what learning is supposed to look like. Check out our PCS STEM Summer Camp Titles and tell all your friends!

STEM Summer Camps are Great for Business Too!

BrickLab STEM Education Packages

STEM Education Packages Lining Up for Duty

For our eagle-eyed shareholders, this shipment was comprised of two orders totalling $195,985.  The order was received in late January and hit the road this week.   It’s a great contribution to the fourth quarter of our FY2012. We can’t wait to show everyone what we can do in FY2013.