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Dear Friends and Shareholders

BOISE, Idaho – September 30, 2013 – PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. recently re-launched their learning center initiative last year with the intention of scaling these to multiple cities. This new 1,000 sq. ft. PCS Edventures Lab is a prototype for a “hands-on” robotics creative space where students may engage in innovation, discovery and creativity. The new Edventures Lab in Boise now has over 100 students enrolled, with demand for additional classes. Many of the students have been with the program for over a year.

We are expanding the curriculum to include new and exciting classes like 3D programming (unity) and have added new badge areas: Scratch programming, Unity, Sketchup, Astronomy and more. PCS is also expanding their staff of instructors.

K-12 students attend the Edventures Lab once a week for 75 minutes and are guided by instructor mentors from architects to engineers and are able to learn subjects such as mechanical actions, dynamics, statics, robotics programming and scratch. Students pay $25/hr. under the current model. PCS is currently working on a Girls Can Build program which we hope to launch very soon!

Our best testimonial is the success of some of our earlier students who attended the learning labs when they were first launched over 20 years ago. Many of these former students have gone on to attend such institutions as Duke University, Stanford and MIT and great careers as engineers, creative directors, and successful business people.  Some of our earliest graduates are now parents and are bringing their children to the Edventures Lab. PCS is pleased to see second generation students now attending our classes.

If you would like to see an Edventures Lab introduced in your school or afterschool program, please feel free to contact us at our offices here in Boise.
We look forward to reaching out to more students and enrolling them in our Edventures Lab which will prepare them with “real life” skills and great careers.

Jolene Anderson

Investor Relations

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