PCS Edventures Inc. Announces Robotics Retail Expansion

RiQ robotics kit capabilities expand with new accessories.

Boise, ID, January 15, 2015 — PCS Edventures, Inc. (PCSV) today announced the release of the first 12 add-on expansion packs for RiQ, PCS’ easy to build and program robot kit.  These expansion packs are the first wave of accessories available for RiQ and provide users with the ability to add on additional motors, building components, sensors, LEDs, and more.  There is even an accessory pack to upgrade RiQ with posable arms that give the popular robot even more personality!  The RiQ support website has been expanded and now includes a variety of ideas for new and exciting robotic projects that can be built with the RiQ kit once owners are familiar with the basics of programming and construction.

RiQ, short for Robotics Intelligence Quotient, is a hands-on robotics kit retailing for $229. The kit was launched during the 2014 holiday buying season and has made its way into the homes of families in 25 of 50 United States, as well as into the hands of robotics enthusiasts in India, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.  RiQ technology provides a rich environment for experimentation and growth for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike.   The hardware, the PCS Brain, is an Arduino compatible controller in a custom designed case that has the physical ability to connect to nearly any building system including fischertechnik®, LEGO®, VEX®, and others.  The hardware system even includes an adapter set for standard R/C hobbyist connections that allow users to bolt the PCS Brain controller onto just about anything including drones and R/C cars.   The software, the PCS Cortex, is a rich, game-like programming environment that is ideal for getting started in programming, but includes advanced features unavailable elsewhere.  For example, in addition to using the PCS Cortex on Windows and Mac computers, users can also program on iPad or Android tablets and take advantage of built-in tablet sensors such as sound, accelerometer, compass, and GPS.   Advanced programmers can work directly with the PCS Brain using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  This combination of power, fun, and simplicity makes RiQ a standout product for robotics education and fun.

Robert Grover, PCS Edventures, CEO, said “RiQ fills an important need for learning hands-on robotics, programming, and computer science skills through an engaging medium.  PCS Edventures has always been about making learning engaging and fun, and this entry into the retail market both expands our ability to reach more customers and diversifies our revenue streams.   This is a strategic addition to our business model as retail sales peak in the holiday season when institutional sales typically drop off, so our plan for Q3 revenues going forward will be to have a strong retail component.”

Visit the RiQ website for more information on the kit, accessories, and technology from PCS at the following address:



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Robert Grover, CEO