PCS Edventures Inc. Shareholder Update

Dear Friends and Shareholders:

Greetings from PCSV.  As we enter the home stretch of our Q1 for Fiscal Year 2015, I am very pleased to announce significant progress at PCSV in our business strategy and the implementation of that strategy.

Over the past six months we have made excellent progress in the following areas:

1) Expanding our EdventuresLab program and positioning it to scale.
2) Building our domestic sales reach.
3) Securing and fulfilling projects in Saudi Arabia and expanding our international presence.

In a few more weeks, we will release our financials for FY2014 and begin the countdown to our Annual Shareholders Meeting.  In order to update our shareholders and partners, we will be releasing more news going forward to educate everyone on our strategy, the progress we are making, and to spread the word about our successes.  With that in mind, I’d like to paint a simple picture of our company strategy for you.

Our 5-year goal is to build the revenues of PCSV to a significant level through a combination of:

1) A network of physical and virtual students attending our EdventuresLab program both in physical centers and online;
2) Institutional STEM sales of our experiential learning programs and products with a strong emphasis on robotics and engineering; and
3) International contracts for licensing our programs, as well as producing customized STEM consulting and development in countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, China, and the rest of the world.

Here is a brief overview of our strategy and progress on each of these initiatives:

We have successfully opened our second EdventuresLab in Eagle, Idaho effective Monday, June 9th, 2014.   Students are now attending summer programs in both our Boise and Eagle locations and our programs are maturing with curriculum, methodology, systems, and more.  We are currently in discussions with potential licensees in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Seattle, Washington and are optimistic about opening additional centers in this fiscal year.   Our 5-year goal is to create licensing relationships for deploying 100 EdventuresLabs in major metropolitan areas. These labs will host a number of diverse revenue generating programs, serve as a focus for community presence and brand building, and act as a hub for sales and support into the local schools.  These sites will be the primary driver for expanding a virtual network of experiential learners from around the world.
Check out our EdventuresLab website to see the program in action and look forward to further updates and details on our overall strategy.

Domestic Sales
Through internal expansion and the addition of reseller partners, we have effectively grown our US sales force from 3 to 11 sales people in the past six months.  We have also seen increasing sales from existing channel partners and are in discussions with additional prospective partners.   We have launched several major new products that are serious game-changers for us:

1) Our 3D Interactive Curriculum (3DIC), which will augment our Discover Engineering Kit with digitally delivered and enhanced instructional material; and
2) Our Cortex and Brain v. 5.0 – the only tablet based robotics programming platform available for K-12 robotics.

Both of these products are available through our partnership with Curious Media, a digital production company that specializes in the production of games and interactive, digital experiences for clients like Disney, PBS, Warner Brothers, and more.  Our partnership results in a unique blend of education and gaming that is a learning experience for students like no other.

We will release more news on this partnership, our products, and our growing sales force in the coming weeks.  Visit http://www.edventures.com to check out the new 3DIC on our Edventures website

International Projects
Since the announcement of our STEM outreach program in Saudi Arabia last September we have been actively fulfilling work orders against this contract. We also successfully delivered a training program in Dammam under a separate contract in February.   We will be releasing details on these projects and additional contracts that we are working on in the coming weeks.  As a company, we have committed tremendous time and resources to building a presence in the Middle East and to cultivating the relationships and support partnerships necessary to make our projects there successful.

On other International fronts, our partners in India, Creya Learning, have expanded their network of schools substantially over the past year, and we are actively evaluating strategies for assisting them to scale more quickly.  We have also received inquiries about additional license programs and STEM outreach throughout Southeast Asia and China, and are working with our manufacturing partner, Fischertechnik, in Germany, to distribute our Fischertechnik related products through their global distribution network.

The above initiatives all work together to produce multiple, stable revenue streams that peak at different times of the year with strong, recurring revenue attributes.

Thank you to all of our supporters and shareholders. We at PCSV are looking forward to delivering additional updates and good news going forward.

Best wishes,

Robert Grover
PCS Edventures, Inc.