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    PCSV was pleased to be a sponsor for the US NEWS STEM SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE.

What did we learn from attendance at this event incorporating leaders from government, corporate and academia? We need a new standard for education in America. Technology can provide tools for teachers to augment their curriculum.

Great focus was given on how we motivate students, how we engage them in a classroom setting and combating societal bias about who is good at STEM. Inclusion of women and minorities needs to be a focused strategy.

Further discussion included how we provide better role models for students. Students need to see themselves as scientists, engineers and in STEM careers. How can we use our technology to solve our future problems as a society in the US? Innovation and a scientifically illiterate population is a problem. The US is being outgunned by emerging economies.

PCSV Positioning in the STEM Education Marketplace

New strategic relationships were forged at the STEM Solutions Conference for scaling our PCS afterschool and classroom STEM learning curriculum in multiple states. Media partners were introduced to educate charter schools, parents organizations, corporate partners, governmental and charitable organizations of PCS as a leader in innovation and early adoption of STEM learning. We anticipate these new strategic relationships will evolve.

PCSV continues to evolve and innovate curriculum in a non formal learning environment to bridge the learning gap. We are committed to providing the technology and learning tools for the future scientists, teachers, engineers, programmers and STEM career professionals of the future who will solve the greatest problems on our planet.

When we begin to ask the right questions we are taking the first steps in solving the problem.


Jolene Anderson

Investor/Media Relations

PCS Edventures