PCS Announces Collaboration with the EdLab Group

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PCS Announces Collaboration with the EdLab Group

PCS Edventures is pleased to report our collaboration with the EdLab Group, a private non-profit organization founded in 1998, www.edlabgroup.org. Through our collaboration with the EdLab Group, PCS will be able to improve teacher professional development and provide greater access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for millions of students nationwide.

Our core business of transforming teaching and “hands-on” learning is uniquely aligned with the core mission of the EdLab Group. Through our strategic collaboration, the two organizations will be able to transform classrooms,”afterschool” programs and other informal learning settings introducing our Girls Can Build program and other pilot programs developed in the Edventures Lab. These programs will provide a platform for STEM learning for K-4 girls, which will prepare more girls with the 21st century skills they need.

Utilizing our IP in STEM education and products for classrooms and afterschool programs, PCS will support the broad array of local, regional, and national mission-driven programs and equity initiatives of the EdLab Group. Our Edventures Lab and classroom products, IP and teacher training will support the EdLab Group in their National Girls Collaborative Project, www.ngcproject.org and other initiatives.

The partnership will provide exciting opportunities for scaling STEM education nationally and integrating the Edventures Lab into more afterschool programs. Utilizing our new PCS community service model for at risk and minority youth, the Edventures Lab will be able to engage millions of students in “hands-on” learning, with a goal to improving STEM education nationally. Watch for exciting news in the coming issues of this newsletter for new classroom products we have added to our list of products to enable teachers to transform classrooms and support the afterschool programs focused on STEM education.

Through partnerships and collaborations with business leaders, educational institutions, and advocacy organizations, PCS will be working in tandem with the EdLab Group to offer innovative, collaborative, and participant-focused programs for K-12 students.

The EdLab Group has the experience, technology infrastructure, staff resources, and reputation for delivering high-quality initiatives which are a perfect fit to integrate PCS individualized STEM learning experiences, extensive robotics, engineering curriculum and robotics software designed solely for K12 education.

PCS partners with National Girls Collaborative for National Mentoring Month

Mentors play an essential role in preparing girls for a bright future. January is National Mentoring Month. PCS will be partnering with the National Girls Collaborative in cultivating a supportive environment for the next generation of girls. As part of National Mentoring Month, PCS will be expanding mentorship opportunities in classrooms and at the Edventures Lab where “hands-on” learning will be provided by engineers, architects, K-12 education instructors to inspire the next generation of female STEM leaders.

Through strategic partnerships PCS will support the national education initiatives like National Mentoring Month and other activities of the Ed Lab Group, in classroom and afterschool markets with core products, teacher training, digital online learning and learning centers.

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