Investor Relations Update: PCSV 2016

Dear Shareholders,

Greetings and welcome to PCSV 2016! I wanted to give everyone a brief overview of what’s going on in Q4 and let you know that regular updates will once again be flowing out to all of our shareholders this quarter starting with this one.


What’s Happening:

We concluded Q3 and the first few weeks of Q4 with the following:

1) The completion of our Saudi development contract in November.  I traveled to Jeddah with a consultant in late October / early November and we delivered the final weeklong training to launch the STEM program PCSV designed for the Saudi Science Center Project. We also received another $42,000 order in November for equipment supplying these Science Center sites. On January 11th and 14th, we received additional payments for an order totaling $101,000 for science center lab supplies. Long term, our strategy in Saudi Arabia has been to establish our name and reputation through the design of a highly effective STEM program and position ourselves as an ongoing, premium supplier of STEM materials. These orders indicate this approach is beginning to work. Please note that the growth of our revenues from this project depends entirely on the Saudi Science Center expansion. We are well positioned and hope to see continued growth from the project. We are excited that the groundwork has been laid and we are now turning to our domestic projects with a lot of excitement.


2) The launch of EdApp Droneology and our digital learning platform. EpApp Droneology, an engaging educational application that teaches the basics of drone operation and safety was released in November and the reception from everyone who has reviewed the product has been awesome. Our EdApp Droneology sales group is currently in discussions with a number of channels and partners to distribute the product.  We believe the timing for the product is perfect as huge numbers of drone products were sold over the holiday season, and the market continues to grow. With all of the attention on drone registration, regulation, and safety the availability of EdApp E now is perfect timing for PCSV. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here!


3) And more Drones! PCSV became involved in Drone technology well over a year ago as we were developing a series of curriculum activities around advanced robotics that focused on drone technology.  During this time we became acquainted with Thrust UAV, a local Boise company that specializes in high performance racing drones.  As we spent more time working with Thrust and developing curriculum, it became quickly obvious that drone technology is a perfect tool for STEM education—these advanced machines are actually flying STEM platforms that engage students like nothing else. FPV (First Person View) drone racing is taking off (literally) like a rocket and it is as addictive and thrilling as an Xbox game for kids, but naturally requires the acquisition of a lot of STEM skills. Of note, $20,000 of the $42,000 Saudi supply order mentioned earlier was comprised of STEM platform drones designed by Thrust UAV. We continue to work with Thrust and are in discussions regarding how we might come together more closely to pursue the drone opportunity.  You can visit Thrust and check out the latest video of their awesome racing drone, the “Riot” on the front page of their website.


4) The launch of EdApp Droneology marks the initial deployment of our digital learning platform, we call it “EdApp,” that is capable of delivering a digital learning experience optimized for mobile use.  Mobile learning (mLearning) is one of the fastest growing market segments in the learning industry and we are poised to deliver a unique learning experience to this market.  The EdApp platform is now under development for deploying phase 2 that will enable us to deliver a number of digital learning titles to a variety of end users including students, teachers, sales representatives, and internal staff members.  This digital learning tool provides the “glue” that will tie our learning community together.  If you recall our presentation from our annual shareholder’s meeting in September, our long term vision is a global, digital learning network that brings high-quality experiential learning to students.  Watch for more updates on our platform as we continue to move this most important ball down the field.


5) The BIG catalog drop by School Specialty took place in the first weeks of 2016!  School Specialty and their Frey Scientific division is our new premiere channel partner for selling PCSV STEM products into classrooms around the country.  We are excited about the prominent positioning our product received in the Frey Scientific catalog and are looking forward to supporting the Frey sales team in any way possible.  This week myself and our development team is in Las Vegas attending the School Specialty sales conference providing sales people with a first-hand look at our latest products and giving them a little extra “boost” of enthusiasm to get them started.  Check out our product featured on the Table of Contents page in the Frey 2016 Catalog here!


All for now.  We’ll be working hard this week at the sales conference and also working hard to keep you all updated on what is happening at PCSV.  Have a great week.


Robert Grover

Executive Vice President

PCS Edventures, Inc.



This shareholder update includes forward-looking statements. Similarly, statements herein that describe the Company’s business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statement.