Creya Learning – India

logo for Creya LearningThe Indian marketplace for education is considerable with over 80 million K12 students and strong family commitments to the value of education. In FY2012 PCS established a partnership with Creya Learning, a company focused on bringing PCS experiential learning to students throughout India. PCS had been in discussions with the principals of Creya for several years leading up to this partnership and we are delighted to now see their business plan in action. Most recent progress includes a complete alignment of the PCS curriculum with the Indian education standards known as the CBC and the establishment of an active sales force promoting PCS-Creya programs into Indian schools

STEM for kids PCS-Creya Quick Facts:

    • India has over 80 Million K12 Students
    • Current educational system in India emphasizes theoretical and academic learning.
    • Students miss out on application and the development of 21st century skills.
    • Only 20% of students graduating are prepared for jobs due to a lack of softskills, practical/application skills, confidence, language, and presentation skills (21st century skills).
    • Average spending on education and related products/ services accounts for 30% of an Indian family’s income. Education is a high priority.
    • PCS-Creya partnership is a license model in which Creya tailors PCS content and materials to the Indian market place. The license provides for ongoing royalties on Creya revenue generated from PCS STEM programs.
    • Creya is actively selling a classroom solution based on PCS programs into the Indian market and has a goal of expanding to 100 schools in PCS FY2016.
    • The Creya management team has many years of experience in the education industry, software engineering, and knows the Indian market intimately. They are working to create a model that is scalable for the Indian education market.

Creya Learning

Creya students show off projects built at the Creya Learning Center in Hyderabad, India.