The PCS business plan is built upon a long term understanding of the education industry and the current economic and research-based drivers that are transforming it.  The plan is comprised of the following key elements:

  • PCS Edventures K12 STEM products. These include our classroom and after-school lab installations, training programs, and kits that are designed to make K12 STEM education easier. Our core technology includes robotic hardware and software that is easy to use for educators and exciting and engaging for students.
  • PCS Learning Centers.  A core feature of the PCS business plan is the establishment of experiential learning centers that will generate revenue from the consumer market as well as serve as hubs for sales and support to surrounding schools.   These centers will make our products better through hands-on testing and increase our product and service sales through the establishment of local “showrooms” that teachers and administrators can visit.
  • International expansion.  STEM education is a global need, and the move towards project centered, blended, and experiential educational models establishes a strong opportunity for PCS products and services.
The following initiatives are underway and provide more detail on our business plan progress.