Dr. Abdulilah Al-Musharraf visits Idaho and sees PCS in action

PCS recently had the great pleasure of hosting Dr. Abdulilah Al-Musharraf, who traveled from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to visit PCS.


Dr. Musharraf had a packed itinerary as PCS representatives met with him at the corporate offices, toured three local educational facilities utilizing PCS curriculum and program materials, and met with Idaho State University

Dr. Musharraf was able to see the Little Edventures product line in action, view a primary class using BrickLab, and visited a math and science magnet academy in which PCS engineering materials were in use.  Meetings at Idaho State University focused on PCS Professional Development programs and the PCS-ISU relationship which provides continuing education credits for teachers completing PCS training programs.  This certification process was designed and implemented last year when PCS Middle East trained teachers from fifty schools on afterschool materials and PCS methods.

Additional presentations and meetings took place at the PCS offices where he also met with PCS CEO, Tony Maher, and Board Member, Cecil Andrus.  In addition, Dr. Musharraf was treated to new PCS curriculum in applied mathematics and a demonstration of the PCS proprietary robotics controller and programming environment that will be used in robotic and engineering competitions in the Al Riyadh lab programs. A variety of topics were discussed including the state of education in Saudi Arabia, potential relationships with a Middle Eastern publishing partner, the importance of professional development in the school transformation process, and the complexity of the student-centered classroom model.

Dr. Al Musharraf, with a PhD in Curriculum Development from Ohio University, has extensive curriculum expertise and has served as the General Director of the Curriculum Department for the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also as the General Supervisor of the Education Development Project of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS). He was appointed by the Government of Riyadh to the Managing Director role of the Al Riyadh Schools in 2006 and has been working with Dr. Refai and PCS Middle East over the past two years.

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