Executive Management

Todd Hackkett, CEO

Todd Hackett is the owner of a successful construction company in Iowa who first became aware of PCS as an investment opportunity in 2007. Over the past five years his involvement with PCS has grown from a casual investor to a strong advocate for bringing educational opportunities to both children and young adults to strengthen their knowledge in math and science. Mr. Hackett brings a strong business background to PCS, well founded in the fundamental principles of building a successful company. He has demonstrated his abilities in the building of his own company from a startup in 1981 to a major construction firm now handling multimillion dollar projects. Many of his projects involve educational institutions such as community colleges, middle schools, libraries, and applied technology labs.

Mr. Hackett is actively involved in his community, is passionate about the potential of PCSV, and is actively engaged in helping to create a company that will have deep shareholder value as well as improve STEM education around the world. He and his wife, Tricia, have been together for 26 years and have three children.

Robert Grover – Executive Vice President

Mr. Grover has spent the last two decades with PCS designing, developing, and creating PCS learning programs and services intended to facilitate student-centered, experiential learning. Mr. Grover has worked closely with a variety of organizations to design, implement, and study successful, hands-on STEM programs including the United States Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA, the US Army, the US Air Force, NASA, Boise State University, Idaho State University, SECME, and many others. Mr. Grover has traveled extensively throughout the world promoting PCS programs and developing International relationships for the Company. He was appointed to the Idaho District Export Council by the US Secretary of Commerce in January of 2012. A Merit Scholar, Mr. Grover attended Michigan State University for course work in Astrophysics, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Religious Studies; he attended the University of Idaho for additional coursework in History, Religious Studies, and Philosophy; and graduated with a B.A. in English, Creative Writing and an A.A.S in Management from Boise State University in 1988.

Russelee Horsburgh – Vice President and Controller

Russelee Morton joined PCS Edventures!.com as our Controller in January of 2014 and was promoted to Vice President in January of 2015. Russelee brings over 20 years of executive leadership and financial expertise from private and public Best Practices companies. Mrs. Morton holds a B.A. in Accountancy and earned her MBA with a Financial emphasis from Boise State University in 2005. As an Idaho Native, she enjoys backpacking, hiking, camping, gardening, snowshoeing, and anything else she can do in the sunshine with her family.

Heidi Grover, Director of Marketing & Product Development

Ms. Grover was formerly the VP of Operations for PCS Schools when it was operating the original PCS Learning Centers in the 1990s. A decade of experience in operating the original PCS Learning Centers provides her with a unique perspective on the original program founded by Patrick McShane in 1986. Her mission, when she rejoined the company in 2012, was to capture the original essence of the highly successful PCS learning model and apply it to the development and marketing of products and services now offered by PCS Edventures! The EdventuresLab, Edventures LABCards, STEM enrichment programs, PCS Robotics, and other PCS products have all been refined and improved for STEM applications through Ms. Grover’s diligence and her insistence on the highest of quality in production and development. The newest PCS curriculum model applied through our LABCards, was created by Heidi in response to the clear need for differentiated learning tools that can be applied in a granular fashion in a STEM environment.

Mike Miraglio, International Project Manager

Mr. Miraglio is responsible for overall project management, coordination and execution of all international projects. His US based project team is responsible for implementation of the Saudi Mobile Science Center Program as well as the Saudi Science Center Training Program, He has spent the past five years managing and coordinating a wide range of STEM education, software development and construction projects. Mr. Miraglio worked for five years as a Civil Engineer, overseeing both domestic and international construction and hazardous waste cleanup projects. He also managed a software development company, overseeing both the marketing and technical divisions. Mr. Miraglio graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Washington State University. He received his Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering and has also taught as a college math professor in the STEM education department at College of Western Idaho.

MIchelle Fisher, Director of Curriculum Development

Michelle is responsible for curriculum development. She has worked in STEM education as a classroom teacher, delivering content ranging from middle school math and robotics to high school biology and college level chemistry. Michelle graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cornell University and earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Willamette University in 2013. She is excited to be joining the team and bringing her experience serving diverse groups of students to the PCS curriculum.